Transits and Forecasts

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Transits and Forecasts

Upcoming Transits and Forecasts –

The planets are constantly in motion, and some of these, known as fast planets, move as quickly as the Sun, Moon, and Mercury, while others like Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are slower. But what does the general picture of the transits portray? What do the stars have in store for you this current month? Will it come along with opportunities or challenges? Get your answers and many more with this prediction horoscope – with events extending into December and the New Year.  

  • Transition of Mars into Aquarius: November 5 – December 23

Since May 2nd when Mars entered its constellation, Capricorn, he has been moving through the earth sign of Saturn. This six-month period has seen Mars move to and from while navigating through the south node of the Moon, Ketu, with which he shares the honor of being the co-lord of Scorpio.

Mars exited Capricorn on November 5, away from the influence of the nodal axis, and happily, into Aquarius. From here, Mars extends his energy to Leo, Taurus, and Virgo – signs that are currently vacant, save for the monthly passing of the moon. If the three signs are high up the personal charts, they may benefit from Mar’s increased power that has been thrown to them through the months of November and December.

  • Transition of Sun to Scorpio: November 16 – December 15

Venus took direct motion through Libra on November 16.  As this process takes place, the Sun moves from Libra into Scorpio, along with Jupiter and Mercury. The Sun transits through a two-month period, navigating through friendly signs like Scorpio and Sagittarius, a time referred to as a period of recovery and retreat for the Sun.  As the Sun and Jupiter are friends, it is likely that we’ll see their combined force in action, bringing light and truth to the dark corners where our hidden troubles are.  Even though the days of the Sun are short and the warmth distant, the combination with Jupiter teaches positivity in difficult situations that require courage and strength.

  • Mercury Reverses in Scorpio: November 16 – December 6

Friday November 16 saw Mercury assuming a retrograde motion following the direct motion of Venus and the move signs of the Sun. Mercury is the third planet along with Sun and Jupiter in the Scorpio zone and will begin a reverse motion at 20° Scorpio, moving towards Sun and Jupiter to 4° Scorpio on December 6, before it resumes direct motion.

As a result of Mercury’s retrograde motion, it will remain in Scorpio throughout 2018.  Interestingly, Mercury also moves to Venus and Sagittarius at the beginning of the year, following the time both planets spent in the signs they occupy until the end of the year. The presence of Mercury in Scorpio, however, is not a friendly sign. But the planet’s flexibility helps him function optimally through different challenges.

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