Ways to Protect your Energy

Ways to Protect your Energy


Visualization can be done anywhere, at any time.  While going for a walk, during mediation or even during a conversation.  Powerfully state your intention and from there visualize key elements that are integral to your prayer. Let yourself be guided by your higher self.  


A cleansing technique that is like removing energetic knots from the field.  The cord essentially is a connection to feelings/beliefs/people, and acts like a conduit that allows that particular energy to come in and out of our space.  Be aware of cords that serve you and don’t and start by consciously weeding out those that aren’t sustainable to you.  

Clear and Protect your Field

With your eyes closed, visualize a healing light beaming from your hands.  Powerfully sweep your hands across your body with a strong exhale.  Complete sealing your aura with protective oils such as Copal, Rue, St John’s wort, yarrow, cedarwood, juniper, sandalwood, myrrh, and more.

Floral water or Medicinal baths to seal the Aura

Medicinal baths, or floral water, can greatly assist in protection and flushing toxicity. Use native plants local to your home, protective crystals and infuse them directly in the water, or in your bath.  Apply the  water directly on your body or make a bath. 

Clear your Physical Space

Call upon the cardinal directions while you’re in prayer to harmonize the energetics within your space using the power of archetypes. Call upon the north for wisdom and ancestral guidance. For growth and self-discovery, call upon the south.  If you are looking for new beginnings and transmissions, call upon the east.  Finally, call upon the west for death, endings, and self-worth.

Use your Grounding Cord.   

Upon beginning or ending your practice, it is important to locate your grounding cord. Imagine a luminous energy that runs through you, in between-your legs and through your crown.  It is vital to maintain its health by upgrading or replacing your old grounding cord with a fresh one, which helps anchor you into the present.

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