1/11 Numerology- Astrology by Melody

1/11 Numerology- Astrology by Melody

With the New Year upon us, we can feel refreshed and renewed as we are about to enter an entirely new cycle in our lives.  As we look at the beginning of January, the date of January 11th stands out as a very powerful day energetically with regards to numerology. Let’s take a look at this date broken down. Finally, we will see what special message the angels and ascended Masters have for us for this special day.

The Numerology of Number 1

Number 1 represents individuality, independence, and self-sufficiency. This number resonates with a person who is original and unique. A person with a Life Path Number 1 also usually possesses high leadership characteristics and traits. This person is a strong individual and has a great ability to make their own unique mark on the world.

This date also highly resonates with those who have a Life path master number 11.  Those with a Life path master number 11 are born teachers and intuitive counselors.  These individuals are on a higher journey energetically and may face more difficult challenges along the way.

The Numerology of Multiple Number 1’s

The multiple 1’s in this date indicate independence, ambition, drive and leadership. This day is significant for any individual or family whose career or business are of top priority. The energy exhibited here is also good for free-lance artists, entrepreneurs, or self-employed people. The energies from the 1’s dislike happy go lucky or unmotivated people, rather, people with hard work ethics are favored.  Number 1 signifies strength in character. This is a good day for anyone seeking to improve self-discipline and self-confidence. It may not be the best day  for single people looking for partners.

Channeled Message from the Angels and Ascended Masters

Do not forget that you are a sovereign and free being of infinite light. At the end of the day, you are your own most powerful creator and manifestor.  Harness the energy of 1/11  to infuse yourself with the energy of the Magician of the Tarot, in which this number resonates.  You have everything within yourself to create or re-create all that you desire. It is time to put forth your most steadfast efforts and remain diligent. It is also time to embrace your independence and celebrate your originality.

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