Angel Connections and Messages

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Angel Connections and Messages

How to Connect with your Angels

Invite them in out loud-Angels are all about honoring your free will. They will not intervene if you do not ask for help.

Divining Tools- Work with oracle cards, Angel cards, pendulum, Tarot, etc. Recite a spoken prayer beforehand asking for your Angels’ guidance.

Follow your Joy-Joy is the language of Angels. Being in joy lifts your frequency until they are only a breath away. From this state you are primed for Angelic guidance and downloads.

Create a language of Signs- Ask you angels for specific signs. Assign meanings to the in advance and eventually create your won language with them.

Meditate- Meditation clears your mind so you can receive your Angelic team’s guidance. Set your timer for your favorite angel number and set the intention to connect to their wisdom.

Be an Earth Angel- Be kind, be compassionate, help others. Do the work of the Angelic realm on earth and be closely united and led by your team of light.

Messages from your Angels

#000- New beginnings. You create your reality. Make heart worthy choices that match your desires!

#111- Your thoughts are manifesting quickly. Keep them positive and focus on your wishes!

#222-Have faith, you are on the right path, all will be well in divine timing.

#333- The Ascendant masters are near, assisting, guiding, and protecting you. Show gratitude!

#444-Angels are near you right now, keeping you safe and guided in the moment, a great time to ask for a sign.

#555- Big changes are in the works. Growth is always positive. Trust these changes are for your highest good and enjoy the ride!

#666- Release worries of the physical world and focus on your spiritual path and family. Release worries about money. Embrace faith in the source.

#777- Expect miracles. Luke is on your side. Keep doing what you’ve set your mind to!

#888- Money is coming. This is a sign of financial abundance entering your life.

#999- Endings. Some part of your life is ready to come to a close. Release the old to make space for the new!

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