Numerology 11

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Numerology 11

What are Master Numbers in Numerology? 

Master numbers in numerology are significant same digit numbers. These significant same digit numbers intensify and heighten the attributes of their corresponding single digit number.  As there are intensified strengths and talents; simultaneously, there are stronger weaknesses and challenges.  Those with Master Number Life Paths have greater responsibilities.  They are also more prone to anxiety.  It is important for those with Master Life Path Numbers to find healthy outlets for stress.   

Life Path Master Numerology Number 11 

The Life Path Number 11 is the path of an intuitive leader and/or teacher.  The pioneering and leading spirit of the number 1 is emphasized.  In addition, we can further reduce life path 11 by adding 1 + 1=2. This then gives us the heightened attributes of the number 2.  A person with a Life Path Master 11 possesses spiritually advanced gifts.  Their sensitivity to others is higher than that of a Life Path Number 2.  They have a high calling to be a leader that empowers others. 

Attitude Number 11 

Attitude Number 11 possesses similar traits as the attitude number 2. However, a person with the Numerology Attitude Number 11 is more naturally comfortable being front and center.  They are a more advanced teacher or leader.   

Destiny Number 11   

The personal purpose of a person with a Destiny Numerology Number 11 is similar to the Destiny Number 2.  Both these Destiny Numbers are called to trust their keen intuition.  However, a Destiny Number 11 is called to accept more responsibility and recognition.  The Destiny Number 11’s purpose to society at large is to lead, inspire, motivate and transform. There is also a higher calling to foster cooperation among people.   

Soul Number 11 

The Soul Number 11 is similar to the Soul Numerology Number 2.  Both have an inner most desire to create harmony and a conflict free environment.  They both desire to help others achieve their dreams.  Both take on a care-taker type role within a relationship. However, the Soul Number 11 will possess higher leadership qualities than the Soul Number 2.  

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