Signs you have found your Twin Flame

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Signs you have found your Twin Flame

What is a twin flame?

Your twin flame is said to be your “mirror soul,” or the other half of your soul.  If you’re fated to meet your mirror soul, you’re reuniting two halves of a soul and making it whole again.

Here are some signs you have found your Twin Flame:

You felt a powerful attraction the instant you met- The first time you meant your person, you feel a magnetic pull and don’t know the reason. It feels very strong and intense between you two.

Your Twin flame feels like your hero- You may feel like your person feels like they are your savior.  There is something about them that may seem to fill  a heavy void within you.

You no longer feel like something is missing- You feel  like you have finally found what you were looking for or needing. You may feel a deep feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. You feel like your person feels like home to you.

Your relationship feels like nothing you’ve felt before- You have never felt this level of intensity and strong feelings for anyone else you have every met before. This is unknown territory, but you feel the magnetic  pull.

You feel safe to be your authentic self- You feel like you can totally be yourself around your person and you feel safe to do so. There is no difficulty in being your authentic self around this person.

Your relationship is challenging.- You may experience a lot of hot and cold/in and out/ and up and down energy within this connection/relationship.  There definitely are challenges but you try to navigate them as best as you can.

Twin flames often need time apart- There is a good chance you will experience periods of separation from your person. Also, you or your person may need time in solitude to deal with the level of intensity of the feelings between you both. Often times, you will both mirror each other and make each other face uncomfortable parts of yourselves.

Twin flame love is unconditional- You feel like despite the challenges and separation periods, you still have an undying love for this person that does not seem to change.

The energy between twin flames feels almost psychic.- You feel like you communicate with your person in the 5D- meaning you may have telepathic dreams, and or actually hear them in your dreams. You sometimes can finish what each other are saying or know what each other will say next.

Twin flames balance each other’s personality- You both feel the intense energy when you both are together and twin flame union is a great blending of the divine feminine and masculine energies together that complement each other and balance each other out.

You often feel the same emotions at the same time- You may notice you and your person mirroring each other’s current emotions.

Your Twin flame magnifies your doubts and insecurities.- This is also a part of mirroring each other. Your person may force you to face your inner demons or uncomfortable aspects of yourself.

Twin flames see through to the hidden parts of your personality.- You and your person can see through each other’s hidden personality traits. This is a part of the connection be psychic like. 

You feel at home when you’re with your twin flame.- Your person feels like home to you no matter where you both physically are.

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