Tarot Tips

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Tarot Tips

Learning Tarot is an endless journey. There is always more you can learn; you can always go deeper.  It can be easier at times to read for strangers than friends, family, or even yourself. The more you practice reading for other people, the better and more confident you will get. Sometimes the decks you do not expect are the ones you end up connecting the most with.  Your intuition means more than the traditional tarot card meanings. You may go through phases of wanting to read cards and other times where you want to rely more on your mind’s eye, both are okay.

Using your Intuition

Trust your intuition. Find out how you receive intuitive information.  If you hear information, you may be clairaudient.  If you see images in your mind’s eye, you may be clairvoyant.  If you feel physical sensations, you may be clairsentient.  If you find that you just know information, you could possess the skill of claircognizance.  The more you practice using your intuition, the less drained and tired you will feel. It is like learning to workout physically.

More Tarot Tips

  • Choose a deck that appeals to you intuitively.
  • Ask spirit for guidance to help decipher the cards meaning.
  • Notice physical sensations that appear as you read the cards.
  • Close your eyes and see what messages appear to you.
  • Take note of any emotions that come up as you work with the cards.
  • Crystals and Tailsmans can help amplify your intuition.
  • Take time to be creative, just for fun. That skill will help improve your intuition.
  • Take note of the times you think you’re using intuition, but you end up being wrong- how did you feel different to when you were accurate?
  • Positive self-talk and self-care can help you with your intuitive abilities.
  • Practice showing yourself compassion, empathy, and listening to yourself.

How to Cleanse your Tarot Deck

  • Shuffling
  • Sunlight
  • Smoke
  • Selenite
  • Sorting
  • Moonlight

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