The Twinflame Connection & Union

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The Twinflame Connection & Union

In a Twin Flame connection, you not only feel unconditional love for your twin flame, but you also feel a transcendental bond that triggers you into spiritual awakening process that brings enlightenment into your life.  Twin flame healing empowers you to transform and evolve into the authentic version of yourself.  There is no way around the Twin Flame journey, and you must experience all the pain and frustration of purging that past pain that is lodged within you.

By surrendering, you trust that the universe is in control of your journey. You have the inner power to let go of trying to control your Twin flame experience and you feel empowered to have the freedom to focus on accumulating happiness in your life. You are always connected in soul with your Twin Flame, and this is the reason why you feel energetic merging and oneness.

The Twin Flames can sometimes be incarnated with big differences, such as age, race, living on different continents, language differences, cultural contrasts, etc.  The Universe is very wise. In order to meet our twin flames, we have to overcome all these obstacles until we go beyond duality and become reunited.

4 Signs you are close to your Twin Flame Union:

  1. Even though nothing in your outer reality looks different, things FEEL like they are about to positively shift for you.
  2. You have complete faith in the union. You KNOW that union is yours, and you no longer feel like you need to “control” anything.
  3. You get beautiful synchronistic messages and sings in your reality letting you know union is on its way to you, as if the Universe is telling you to relax.
  4. Your dreams are in alignment at night and your daytime thoughts and daydreams are harmonious and depict union. You are no longer focusing on any lack.

Understanding Feminine and Masculine Energy in the Twin flame Connection

Feminine energy allows us to turn within and examine the looping patterns that our wounding causes us to repeat.  She shows us how we have been neglecting our truth and guides us towards living from our heart. 

Masculine energy provides us with the will, drive, and strength to exit these patterns of wounding.  He takes us by the hand and encourages us to release whatever is not in our best interest and to instead claim our destiny.

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