Twin flame and Inner Child Healing

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Twin flame and Inner Child Healing

When we meet our twin flame, we connect profoundly and then separate due to the intensity of the emotions that come up. We are often triggered to an awakening of intense and deep emotions that have been suppressed.  A twin flame recognition awakens us to our higher selves and our deepest wounds.

When we feel neglected and/or abandoned by our twin flame, these emotions stem from our inner child patterns. Nurturing our inner child and healing helps in preventing self-sabotage. When we connect with our emotions, we connect to that part of ourselves where our inner child is.

Inner Child Stages

Here is a look at some inner child stages, a description of each, and some examples of what each stage can involve.

Protected/Blocked Inner Child

This stage is complete disconnection from inner child needs, desires, and repressed emotions. This stage often involves:

  • Heavy ego attachment
  • Will find inner child work to be awkward, silly, or pointless.
  • Critical of self, bypasses emotional experiences.
  • Sarcasm and cynicism as coping mechanism

Fantasy Inner Child

This stage the twin holds onto “good” and bypasses negative emotions to keep the narrative. This stage often involves:

  • Tending to worship parent(s).
  • Wants a romantic partner to rescue, fix, or save.
  • Involves chronic daydreaming.
  • Parental approval unconsciously
  • Dominates life choices.

Expressed Inner Child

This stage describes awareness and an ability to witness. It often involves:

  • Softened ego
  • Speaks to, honors, and validates inner child.
  • Views romantic relationships as a space to heal and evolve.
  • Sees parent(s) as human beings with their own wounded inner child.

Integrated Inner Child

This stage describes awareness and acceptance. It often involves:

  • Relaxed ego.
  • View’s tantrums, or negative reactions as wounded child self with loving nonjudgement.
  • Has clear boundaries, childlike wonder, and full acceptance of shadow: (little/no projection).


Some ways to help heal your Inner Child:

  • Journal or write a letter to your younger self.
  • Paint or draw for fun.
  • Set and honor your boundaries.
  • Write a list of your needs and how you can meet them.
  • Acknowledge your feelings and keep your inner critic in check.
  • Use mantras like- “I am safe.” I will look after you.” And “I deserve love.”
  • Look at photos of your self as a child and speak words of love and kindness to this younger you.


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