Twin flame Connections

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Twin flame Connections

No one can understand the depths of a Twin flame connection unless they themselves are experiencing it. It’s not logical and it doesn’t make sense. You have to experience it at first hand to understand it. Often, we might think we have met our twin flame, or we are not sure. Not all intense relationships will be twin flame relationships. As we will see, there are several different types of relationships/connections you could be experiencing.

Types of Connections

Twin flame- Someone who shares the same soul as you and catalyzes your spiritual awakening.

Karmic- An ill-fated soul connection that is meant to mirror your darkest energies and redirect your soul trajectory towards your highest good, not before destroying a part of you.

Soulmate- Someone who can be platonically or romantically connected to your soul throughout lifetimes as a companion. Someone you have a unique bond with. You help each other grow, prosper, and heal during your journey in positive ways.

Ancestor- A familial. A spirit who has either crossed the veil or is stuck within it.

Soul-less Portal- A physical vessel void of divinity whose soul purpose is to deter your spiritual and sometimes cause you harm. 

The Mature Masculine- The Mature masculine is humble. He honors and worships the divine feminine. He possesses great emotional and metal balance. He can hold the space for his feminine and is discerning and patient. He practices mindfulness and love.

The Immature Masculine (and Shadow)- The immature masculine can be arrogant and very dominating. He can suppress his feminine. He can disconnect through intellect and be cold-hearted.  He has an avoidant style and emotionally isolates himself.  He is often selfish and greedy. He initiates unconscious sex.

The Mature Feminine- The mature feminine is self-assured and diverse. She is devoted to the masculine and feels joy for another’s joy. She is intuitive, accepting, trustful, and healing. The mature feminine is empathetic and creative.

The Immature Feminine (and Shadow) – The immature feminine is very attention seeking. She often has an addictive attachment style and can be very manipulative. She seduces and controls the masculine. She can be jealous and resentful.  She is anxious and paranoid. She initiates unconscious sex.

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