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The energies of this New Moon are intuitive, dreamy, healing, and spiritual. This is an excellent time to get in deeper touch with your own personal spirituality. You can create your own sacred space by filling it with the things that make you feel relaxed and in tune with the spiritual world. Pisces relates to the sleep cycle and dreams. Creating or using your own dream journal will help you connect with your subconscious. It is an ideal time to focus on your place of rest and what you can do to make your sleep a more pleasant experience. Some...

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Virgo is home to the 6th zodiac house which is all about work related duties and managing healthcare. When the Full Moon is in Virgo, this is an opportune time to look at practical and household duties that need done. It is also an ideal time to do a check-in on our health and those that we hold dear. Use this time to make an organized list of tasks related to work related and health care duties. You can ponder over these types of questions to help you harness this Full Moon’s energy: Have I scheduled my doctor’s appointments such...

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This New Moon is an opportune time for you to focus on your own originality and authenticity. Focus on building upon your unique character traits and what sets you apart from others. It’s also a great time to focus on humanitarian causes and the greater good of the collective. Think about some of the following questions to help you harness the energies of this New Moon: What sets me apart from others and how can I build upon those unique traits? What humanitarian causes am I passionate about? What does authenticity mean to mean? What unique contributions do I have...

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The energies of this full Moon create an ideal time for you to focus on building your confidence and stepping into your power.  It is time to also look at any areas of your life that need taking charge of.  Looking out for and protecting those we love and care about is also an essential theme during this full Moon. Work with the following questions to help you capture the energies of this full Moon: Is there anyone I feel intimidated by and how can I work on breaking this intimidation? What areas of my life do I need to...

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Astrologically, Capricorn relates to the 10th house and Midheaven.  When there is a New Moon in Capricorn, it creates an ambitious and motivated energy around career and work life. This is the opportune time to set specific career goals, take a new class, or acquire new skills that will boost your career. It is also a time to take an audit of any  negative habits that may be setting you back from achieving more in your career and work, and replace them with more positive ones. You can ask yourself some of the following questions to help capture this New...

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