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The Rune Stones, with their ancient origins, have long been used by Mystical Shamans and the Vikings.  They serve as an Oracle that originated from an ancient writing system that was used for Germanic languages.  They are a part of the oldest oracle known to mankind.  They were used by tribal leaders to learn the will of the Gods.  They have long been casted and read for inspiration and insight.  The Rune Symbols are made up of the glyphs or letters from the Germanic alphabet.  From earliest record times they were known as runen- “a secret thing, a mystery.” There...

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The new moon is a time for new beginnings.  It’s a time for a clean slate and to give birth to new ideas.  It can also be a time for gathering and planning. It is the beginning of a whole new cycle.  It is also an ideal time to manifest our wishes, hopes, desires and aspirations.  The art of manifestation requires us to act in an initiating and empowering role. We are trying to create something. We are trying to transform our ideas into events. We are trying to move an idea from the mental plane into the physical plane.   Intention and focus are key, along with visualization.  We are the Magician archetype, the first card of the Tarot. The Magician has everything he needs to give birth to his mental ideas and move them forward into physical existence. He plays an active role in doing so.

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Mercury enters Gemini on May 21st and stays there until June 4th.  This puts Mercury in the 1st house.  You may receive important news or advice from overseas or from someone far away.  This could help jumpstart some of your creative pursuits and projects in a very positive way.  The Aquarius Moon will be in the 9th house and will form a Trine with Mercury on May 24th.  This could signify the beginning of a new learning experience that may be beneficial to your long- term future.  Venus is in Taurus until June 8th.  This puts Venus in the 12th...

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